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Department of Mathematics (

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (

Bogor Agricultural University IPB (


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (

College of Human Ecology (

Bogor Agricultural University (

With Lecturers:



Dr. Ir. Lilik Noor Yuliati, MFSA

Dr. Ir. Megawati simanjuntak, MS

Ir. Retnaningsih, MS

Ir. Md djamaluddin, MSc

Reference Book:


Ujang Sumarwan. 2011. Perilaku Konsumen: Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran. Jakarta: PT Ghalia Indonesia.

First class start at September 4, 2015.

A consumer. I guess you often hear this word. Everyday you consume, everyday you are a consumer.  Then, what is actually consumer means? What is it means to you? What is it means to others? What is the general definition of the consumer? It is already there, in your mind. But you can’t tell it out, right? You know what consumer means but you only know it. You only know until you take this course. A course called ‘Consumer Behavior Class’. You will no longer know what consumer is, because you are not only know, but also understand what consumer is.

The answer is, yes. I’m taking that course, in this semester, and now I’m writing my class report what is actually a homework. I will not thinking this as a homework, I just want to share what I get in this class. So now, let me share it. I will tell you the secret of consumer behavior which is has many benefit if you know and understand it of course. First, say Bismillah.

Many scientists like Schiffman, Kanuk, Engel, Blackwell, Miniard, Hawkins, Best, Coney and many more that was mentioned in Professor Ujang’s book had their own definition of Consumer Behavior. From all the definitions, Prof. Ujang conclude that Consumer Behavior is all the activities, actions, and psychology process that make the act before, while, and after buying something, also when using the products or services after doing all the actions above or an evaluation.

From the definition above, we know that consumer behavior is important for both of the consumer and the producer. As a consumer, we can learn more how to act like a real even a pro consumer and for the producer could learn what consumer really wants. Sometimes, producer will get more benefits from learning consumer behavior.

As a consumer, we have to make a decision. Decision on buying and consuming products or services. There is three main factors that causes the process of taking the decision that is marketing strategy, individual differences, and environmental factors.

The second class held on September 11, 2015, discussed about one of the individual differences, that is a Motivation and Needs. A motivation comes when a consumer feels the needs and a needs comes when the consumer feels uncomfortable or in a state of tension between the must feelings and the real feelings. That perceived needs causes someone to fulfill the needs and this is called a motivation. And to fulfill the needs, a consumer must have goals. The goal is one of the ways to fulfill the needs.

Lastly, at the ending of the class, about half an hour before the class ends, we had a discussion with group. In the discussion I had a question about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The question is about two highest level of needs in the theory which is Egoistic or Esteem Needs and Need for Self-Actualization. I was really confused what the difference between the two, so I asked the question to my group. The answer is: The Egoistic Needs means a need of an appreciation from others for the achievements while the Need of Self-Actualization is the need for satisfaction by maximizing the use of knowledge, skills, and potential.

So, that is all for this first class report  I guess. Actually I still have many things to share but maybe it is enough for today. I’ll be back for another class report. Thank you for reading and see you next time!



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